Landscapes, especially wetlands, are my favorite subjects to paint.  The diversity of colors, lighting, atmosphere, and reflections intrigue and fascinate me in their ever-changing qualities.  I try to capture the essence and mood of the landscape with color and light.  Its like looking through a window and expressing a moment in time.  I began working in pastels in 2001.  I am self-taught in the medium.  I compose the artwork in my mind as I am walking and paint later from memory, sketches, and photos.  I create my pastel paintings to help me translate the sense of beauty I see and feel in the natural landscape.

More recently, due to the Pandemic and resulting confinement, I changed my focus to a more symbolic nature.  I selected the salmon to represent life's travels.  Journeys between life and death as I imagined in the life cycle of a salmon.  I decided to depict this subject in a new medium.  I decided to do woodcuts and linocuts.  It was difficult at first, leaving the range of colors available to me through the pastels.  I felt simpler color - even black and white would help to convey the symbolic content.

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